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North Brisbane Renovations

Covering Caboolture, Morayfield, Burpengary, Nerangba, Strathpine, Redcliffe & their outer suburbs, extending to city outskirts.

Family plus house equals home

About us

Why choose our services

We know the importance of family and how families sometimes need space, just ask any one of our 9 children.  As a parent you will usually do almost anything for your child.  From converting a garage into extra bedrooms, to building an extra shed to house their first car. Whatever your needs may be, 35 years in homes and two builders in one family, you can feel confident that with Tremar Family Homes, your project is in good hands, whether its a renovation, an extension or a verandah. We are situated right here in North Brisbane and have worked on families homes from Caboolture to Chermside, Redcliffe to Samford.

Our history

Over the last 35 years Tremar Family Homes have built a town-load of new homes, added numerous extensions, constructed many verandahs and decks, and even the odd cubby house. We've painted many a wall, laid a tile or two and even put up a few fences.  Our son has even followed in his father's footsteps. Building homes or changing homes for North Brisbane residents has always been, and will likely always be a big part of our family.  Let us take part in shaping your families home.

Our process

First, a brief introduction to each other over the phone to discuss your ideas. Then a visit to your property for a more detailed understanding of your project. Measurements will be taken and depending on the project size a rough quote may be presented.  This step is complimentary.

After a property visit we move to an in-depth consultation of what you really want.  You may have images of what you like or you can find plenty of design ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor entertaining and family rooms on our website.  For more complex projects you may enlist the services of a personal architect or allow us the opportunity to do that for you. As this can be a time consuming and detailed process fees may apply.

Budgets will be discussed in detail and price guides will be presented and eventually a design will be agreed upon and if need be application for council approval will be submitted.  Usually there is a fee involved in council approval also.  Council approval may be received in a few weeks or it may take longer.

Once a design has been agreed upon and council approval received, a contract between you and the builder will be prepared, followed by a construction certificate, this is to ensure the completed project holds up to construction standards.

Then the renovation or extension begins. Electrical and water services are usually required to be disconnected at this stage.

At completion the builder will walk you through the completed project and any issues or concerns are raised.  Lastly a building inspector will walk through and inspect the work done to ensure it meets regulations.

Please note this is just a rough guide to the process, it is important to remember every build is different.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!